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Types Of Auditions

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Published by in Auditions · 14 March 2020
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Types Of Auditions

Modeling and Acting

As a model, attempt to stay open-minded at the start of your career. Over time, you'll become more well versed within the differing types of modeling.

Types of Modeling Audition Which You Can Give In Delhi, Mumbai, Pan India

Auditions for diffrent types of modeling are:-
# Print Model, # Glamour Model, # Pageant Show Auditions # Promotional Model, # Fit Model, # Parts Model, # Fitness Model, # Commercial Model, # Swimsuit & Lingerie Model, # Runway Model, # Editorial Modeling.

Print Modeling Auditions
Auditions are given for magazines, billboards, campaigns, booklets, flyers, and posters. These models usually have unmodified skin and a approachable smile. While some of these models are selling a product, others are consequently photographed based around the needs of the clientm huge demand pan india

Glamour Modeling Auditions
Glamour modeling is centered vis--vis look, including facial beauty and body shape audition. These models are usually curvier than editorial models and often photograph album swimsuit and lingerie photoshoots.

Pageant Show Auditions : Any body can apply ApplyNOW Age group 16-29
Boys and Girls


Promotional Model
This type of model books jobs that assert sell or insist a hermetic commodity. Promotional models are often found at trade shows. As a cd, these models must be personable, outgoing, and have a sealed knowledge of the product they are representing.

Fit Model Auditions
Fit model audition for fashion houses, Fit models are a various society in terms of body rework by now theres a compulsion for fit models to represent every size a garment comes in

Parts Model
Parts Models specialize in auditing their hands, arms, feet, and legs.

Commercial Model
They give audition for catalogs, campaigns, and commercials

Swimsuit & Lingerie Model
These models specialize in quirk either swimsuits or lingerie. This model type is usually someone a bit more voluptuous and curvy. These models moreover tend to audition for sleepwear, summer wear and undergarments


ACTING if have acting experience or planning to start, this category has it all. Everything from feature films to TV Pilots. Before giving audition polish you’re acting skills. Start with FREE Consultation

BABY AUDITIONS if you think you have the cutest baby and want to showcase him or her following the world this audition category is for you! All babies are cute , you should try for it – start with a portfolio , to book call now at 9810135462



DANCE If you are good in dance you can audition for TV and different local shows

EXTRAS background actors are required almost in all television shows, movies, commercials and more, this is the category for you if you want to work as an extra. , the person who works in extra sometime earns more than a person who is not working as a extra.

FAMILY this category is for relatives looking to participate together a propos the order of various projects including TV, movies and game shows.


LIVE There is nothing more carefree in entertainment than the theater to the fore of a live audience. This is a listing of auditions for living television and stage shows.

MAKEOVER This category will announcement you locate all of television’s most impressive makeover auditions.


MUSIC VIDEOS If you have always dreamed of creature in a music video for todays hottest and approve winning musicians, this is the category to believe in, all of the latest music video casting calls and auditions.

REALITY TV No business who you are or what you reach truth TV can create you a star. Audience is the judge, like big boss and many other reality shows have changed the life of many people

SINGING Raise your voice and be a star! TV and singing competitions.

VOICE OVER Do you have an unforgettable voice and exaltation to group? These categories will pro you find understandable auditions for voice conflict out in television, commercials and movies


Yes auditions are absolutely free and will be always, if anybody is asking for money do not attend the audition at his centre.
See the thing is, if you crack the audition they are paid so you are, they charge the commission to place you.

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