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How to make money as an actor or a model

How to make money as an actor or a model

If something has germinated out of this recent uptick in technological growth, it has to be the voiceover industry. With the movies and TV series going predominantly digital, the stage and screen actors have become the unlikely beneficiaries. Some actors are even looking to capitalize on this growth by installing voiceover studies in their own homes so that they can leverage the remote working opportunities that this revolution brings to the table. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we eat, live and even think. It would be absurd to expect the entertainment industry would survive this onslaught unscathed. With actors, music composers, directors and other technicians preferring to give on-spot working a break, the world of cinema and TV shows have shifted to the homes of both the consumers and producers of the product. Not only has the public been forced to watch their favourite movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other streaming websites, but even the technicians have also been confined to their homes. So, in these uncertain times, bagging a job as an actor or a model or even an extra can be quite challenging, and it is best to look for remote working options. Voiceover is one of your best bets if you are foraging frantically. It’s a terrific method for actors and models to make money. Voiceovers can even pay your monthly electricity, housing and other sundry bills that haunt you periodically. When you are struggling to bag those elusive film and TV series jobs, it could be frustrating to make ends meet even after possessing plenty of talent to make it big. Voiceovers can really bridge that gap and can give that opening that you desperately seek. It’s a great way for actors and models to make money. For starters, you need to kickstart the proceedings with a professional demo and send it to the employers who will then peruse your acting or modelling samples. There are a few types of voiceovers that you need to choose from to specialize in. You could get into the commercial sector where you need to just narrate the incidents in a movie or a TV show, or you could foray into the world of animation and gaming. Any new field can be daunting at first, and you might feel like someone lost in the middle of a sprawling desert with no end in sight. That’s why it’s crucial to seek a mentor who will be willing to guide you with invaluable tips for you to understand the business and make a professional demo.

Another tip for actors and models to make money is to act in commercials. There is a common misconception that has really infected the entertainment industry, which states that acting in commercials doesn’t constitute real acting. Whoever is promulgating such baseless claims couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, there are some crucial differences between acting in conventional films and TV series and acting in commercials. In the former case, the actor represents a character and tries to convey the trials and tribulations that the character undergoes to the audience. While for a commercial, the actor is required to advertise a brand and he/she doesn’t really fill the shoes of some other person. Even if they do, it’s only for a few seconds, and the focus is directed more towards the appearance and the convincing nature of the actor’s body language than on the emotions that he/she is able to convey. But even with such subtle differences, there are some conspicuous similarities that bind the two together. Both are fields where an actor acts and is paid for his/her skill. It can also be pretty lucrative if you aren’t able to find jobs in other commercial fields of acting and modeling.

For working in national or union commercials, a commercial agent has to be hired to work on the formalities and get you an audition. What’s required of a commercial actor for advertisements are some alluring qualities that usually pertain to their outward appearance and the energy that they exude on screen. Also, a crucial aspect that could tilt the balance in your favor is being cognizant of the concept called ‘usage’. This refers to the duration of your commercial and it’s pertinent in this context because this is the gauge using which you will get your salary.  It’s also imperative to vary of buyouts and ‘in perpetuity’ and be confident about the terms of your agreement before you get into a contract with the advertising company.

If you have some nagging doubts bothering you incessantly, seek your agent and solicit him/her for advice because the business aspects of modeling and acting can be really tricky and dangerous even for those that are knee-deep into these industries. But all in all, commercials are brilliant but underrated ways for actors to get some contacts in the industry and at the same time gain some experience in the world of acting. So, add this to your list of ways to make money as an actor or a model.

Industrial Films: This sector again demands the guidance of your agent if you are new to the field of acting. But if done right, corporate films can provide you with a pretty decent paycheck without making you go through tedious auditions. Many corporations require compelling training videos for their employees to learn from. These videos are generally very useful in getting the tyro employees accustomed to the mechanics of the company processes. They get them familiarized with their work and also introduce them to the corporate hierarchies within the organization.

Some of the scripts may be buttressed with a few sprinklings of humour while others may be really serious, to-the-point presentations. If the client thinks fondly of your work, there is a great chance that the corporation will solicit your services again and again. Just one well-made video can open the door a wide range of opportunities. This is an excellent way tomake money as an actor or a model, especially for those who are just beginning to make a mark in the field.


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