This is the first time BFS Jawans were invited to attend The Delhi Fashion Week 2016. Now this is called real fashion and yes fashion never ends, we look forward for such attendees.  It looks to be the beginning of new trend. And also for our Jawans , it was the time first time experience . This was the statement by Bhagwan Singh, Assistant Commandant, 95 Bn, BSF:  “Fashion show TV pe hi dekha tha, aaj pehli baar live dekha hai. Bahut achcha laga is tarah ka event attend karke” said.

Initially , other guests and designers were surprised to see the whole bunch of BFS Jawans in Khaki and Olive Green uniform but sooner they realised that even they were guests at the show. The day 3 of the Fashion Week was no less than a surprise but showed our country that how busy these Jawans are in saving our lives that they hardly get  time to attend such festivities , shows, occasions and what not.

We salute Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) president Sunil Sethi to invite atleast Twenty Eight BSF Jawans and officers to attend the fashion week. This is what he said “We wanted to honour them and it is our privilege that they managed to take out some time and be at the fashion week,”

Look forward for such attendees and let them show the other part of the world.

Source TOI