How To Start Modeling

Hi every one Today’s blog is all about modeling, today we have tons of notes to be discussed,

How to become a model?

You need to know what kind of modeling you want to be into , runway models, catwalk, print, plus size, petite, commercial, show models, fit and there are so many types of modeling you want to get into, research that before entering the fashion world. This part is highly important and it is the First step on how to become a future super model.

second thing , research good agency , do not get trapped with wrong agency , research a little bit before making any decision.

Lets start with the shoot , you have to start with head shoot, most of the agency are looking for head shoots.

head shoot - studioinhouse

Show your personality , be cheerful , happy , be positive, also let agencies and client know that how much you love modeling and you want to work for them. It just shows you really want to be working, present yourself in such a way.

Just be sure agency is working for you, make sure you keep in touch with them, do not leave one or two weeks without calling them or emailing them make sure you just keep up with your agency.

Another thing modeling is very competitive , make sure when you are going for audition , you are going with positive attitude because lot of girls and boys are out for same audition , so would they select you ?  Just be yourself , build your personality and you are good to go.

Most important never give up , it is just like this if you give up you are giving up on your dream. Modeling agency finalize people according to the client demand , as we told you above there are several type of modeling. Know what is you forte.

#Tip : Do not pay money upfront to the modeling agency, they are most likely unreputable.

#Tip: Be careful if you are signing a contract, if you signing a contract read it carefully, are they binding you or what are there terms and condition.

Types Of Modeling

We will discuss bunch of different categories of modeling

  1. Run Way Models : We will start with Runway models and this are the typical models that are thin and atleast like 5′.11.
  2. Fashion Show Room MOdel : Another kind of model is a fashion show room model, they model for buyers or designer show room.
  3. Catalog Model : Basically this models are choose , based upon their looks, can they represent the store , will they look good in a catalog.
  4. Print Model : This models can come in any variety of sizes, height doesn’t matter in print modeling , they can be featured in display ads, bill boards,  magazine, there are lot of different things print model can do.
  5. Plus Size Model : Agency look for curvy body , pretty face and great personality.


Do not give up