About Us

Studioinhouse is a leading digital entertainment platform & a production house for talent/performers to find work, engage & network while helping talent seeker to find the right talent & support to their projects.

In this age of digitization, Studioinhouse brings #1 online platform to leverage our unlimited submissions, best- in- class casting & production tools, & more performance-based roles than any other middle-men or casting service.

Studioinhouse continues to transform & disrupt the industry with constant advancements for talent development and a collaborative approach.  We uplift the creative talent market by collaborating with Tv & Film production houses, cinematographers, book publishers, writers, art galleries, musicians & singers, photographers, directors, casting & modeling agencies, producers, event management organizers, fashion designers, anchors, stylists, advertising professionals, digital production houses and other talent acquirers. With our ready database of creative talent & recourses, we connect and foster a rich social digital community.

Industry updates & news, essential services, career tips for success

The entertainment industry is ripe for disruption in the coming years and it is highly crucial for a performer to gain industry knowledge & keep abreast of any change. This is the only way how an artist or performer or a professional can attain success. Our magazine and news site are filled with relevant information & insights that guide & teach actors and performers the do’s and don’ts of the industry, help them create a career strategy, and provide recommendations from casting directors, producers, recruiters, and other experts.


Top digital entertainment platform for artists, performers & professionals

We are striving to build entertainers of the future by providing a robust platform to launch careers, casting tools, participate in contests and ready courses & certifications that allow performers in film, theater, TV, commercials, modeling, voiceover, and other mediums to manage their careers. Members who have registered can take advantage of unlimited applications, unlimited media uploads, and thousands of opportunities available on Studioinhouse every day.


New & Existing talent for creators, casting directors & recruiters

We make the right cast & people available for the success of any project. Cinematographers, casting directors, recruiters & filmmakers have Studioinhouse to find the best actors, performers & other talents, including some known stars.


Provide #1 digital courses for new talent, artists, performers & professionals in the entertainment industry, corporate world and for kids & students to enhance their skills

With the right experience & knowledge, moving into the entertainment industry is not difficult. Studioinhouse helps you to attain knowledge through its online & in-class programs & courses. Showcase the talent to the world and to make it achievable by opting for courses & getting yourself launched.


We market & advertise you!

Our concepts have helped to gain new faces for our Casting directors, recruiters, corporate customers, filmmakers and build their brand, films, stories, projects, and personality in the field of their respective domain.  We work in a team including experienced marketers, designers, marketing agencies, photographers, cinematographers, directors, producers, stylists, content developers & editors and also thrive together to deliver an exceptional experience.

What you gain:

Get the professionals at ease 

Get the highest level of Talent & Projects  

360-degree marketing support for your individual talent profile & projects  

Launch your career with our expertise 

Document your journey through life 

Stand out & get your yourself noticed


We would not only make it digital but will also guide you with our experts because it's important to know exactly what you want too.