Casting for various roles

Job Description:


ADVAITH – Muscular or Lean figure guy,Age(26-30yrs). Minimum 6′ height.

MALAIKA – Somewhat slim figure, Age (40-45 yrs). Younger by looks. 5’8″ height. SOMEONE who’s comfortable with western wear.

SURJANA – petite with a baby face Age (22-26 yrs) minimum 5’6″ height.

Mrs. SHASTRI – strong willed lady, strong facial features. Age (55-60 yrs) minimum 5’4″height.

Mrs. FERNANDEZ – huge figure, dainty face. Age (55-60 yrs) minimum 5’2″ height.

Dr. THAKUR – still handsome looks, minimum 5’8″ height, fitness enthusiast, Age (57-62 yrs).

RITWIK – athletic and lean body, strong facial features, Age (23-28 yrs) minimum 5’9″ tall.

HRIMAN – beefy or muscular body, long hair an advantage. Age (24-28 yrs) minimum 5’9″ height.

HRISHIKESH – shaggy face, average built, Age (38-42yrs) minimum 5’10” height.

SUJITH – somewhat on fat side but still got the handsome face. Age (40-45yrs) minimum 5’5″ height.

PARITOSH – Athletic, serious looks, Age (36-40 yrs) 6’2″ height.

MUDITH – Athletic, dusky skin tone , handsome. Age (30-36yrs) 6’1″ height.

PRIYA – Average looks, Age (29-33yrs). 5’5″ height.

REVATHI – slim, tall, minimum 5’7″ height. Age (29-34 yrs).

ARJUN – Age (06-11yrs).

DEVITH – slim figure with long hair/curly hair. Minimum 5’3″ height. Age (16-19yrs).

RAHUL – muscular, coarse voice, wheatish complexion. Age (28-32yrs) 6’2″ height.

SATHVIK – average body, guy next door looks, minimum 5’9″ height. Age (20-24 yrs).

POUL – lean body, long hair, caucasian. Minimum 6′ height. Age (22-30 yrs).

GEORGE – Caucasian looks, Minimum 6’1″ height. Age (27-32yrs). Lean to muscular body.

RICK- dark skin tone, Minimum 6’1″ height. Age (28-33yrs).

RADHA – huge figure , wheatish skin tone. Age (56-62 yrs). 4’9″ tall.

INDHU – beautiful by looks, lean figure, minimum 5’3″ height. Age (32-37yrs).

DEVYATHI – drooling looks, a bit on fat side, minimum 5’7″ height. Age (32-36 yrs).

VRYJESH – Age (07-13yrs).

ARUN (33-37 yrs). Average looks

RIYA – petite figure, minimum 5’1″ height. Age (31-36yrs).

TARUNESH – drooling looks. Lean figure. Minimum 5’8″ height. Age (33-38yrs).

SUJEL – nerdy looks, slim personality, Age (16-19yrs). Minimum 5′ height.

SOUMITHA – handsome looks, athletic body. Age (33- 38yrs). Minimum 5’9″ height.

ROMA – model looks, Age (15-19yrs).

Mrs.RAO – average looks, minimum 5’2″ height. Age (59-63yrs).

SHASHANK – Fat, big round face. Minimum 5’9″ height. Age (39-44yrs).

SANKARH – Athletic but slim, dusky skin tone, Age (33-37yrs) 6′ height.

AFTAB – bulky figure, fair complexion, minimum 5’9″ height. Age (30-35yrs).

DAVID – slim, wheatish. Age (29-33yrs) minimum 5’8″ height.

JAI – athletic, Tall (minimum 6′ height) brown skin tone. Age (33-38yrs).

REVANTH – A bit fat but still handsome worthy looks, fair complexion. Minimum 5’7″height. Age (38-42yrs).

PIYALI – average looks. Age (30-34 yrs). Minimum 5′ height.

PRIYANSH – Age (08-13 yrs).

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Requirements :

AGE RANGE:- 1-100 Years

Gender : Male,Female,Others