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15 Modelling tips for beginners

Beginners have several misconceptions and stereotypes about the modelling industry. Here are 15 tips to guide them and clear the myriad of doubts plaguing them:

1) Make sure that you use skin moisturizers that aren’t too harsh on your skin. This will help to keep your skin clean and soft. Oily skin can cause pimples which will definitely stifle your chances.

2) Keep your hair trimmed and stylish if you want to succeed in the modelling business. Very few agencies or companies demand long hair. If you opt for long hair, try to experiment with different hairstyles to see what fits you best.

3) Choose your attire carefully. Choose clothes that fit your body, and the ones that make your features seem pronounced. A stylist can help you with this.

4) Make sure you wash your hair every day. This way, you avoid it from getting oily and losing its natural lustre. You also do not want to use a shampoo that is too harsh on your skin and your hair.

5) Find the right agency: It is requisite to find an excellent agency to work with. Agencies should not demand too much money, in the beginning, to sign you up, and they should not be vague about the contract details. Go online and forage to find what fits you best. A credible agency should understand your financial needs and must only look to improve your contacts and visibility.

6)Practise a lot! Only with practice can you expect to gain the confidence required to do well in your auditions. Your fitness regime can’t meet all your needs or solve all your problems. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to have an organized practise schedule in addition to your fitness regime.

7) Rotating your eyes way beyond normal will only jeopardize your chances, making you look scary. It is best to fix your sightline at a central point. Don’t tilt your head too much, which might put the audience off. It might be tempting to do so but tilting your head too much could make your jawline and chin too prominent and conspicuous. So, limit the extent to which you tilt your head.

8) Leverage your surroundings and make the best use of them. This also entails the use of your clothing to evoke the desired mood. Use the props in the given arena and use of the location context too. Also, ensure that your movements compliment the type of dress that you are trying to display. For a dress that fits the form, you must highlight your outward appearance and the features that highlight it. For a flowing kind of dress, try to play with the movement by interacting with it.

9) Don’t get attracted to light. It could be a natural impulse for you to move towards an area with greater light but just like how actors are advised to not look directly at the camera, models too are asked to not follow the lighting. The photographer who takes your photos is usually very experienced, and all you need to do is just follow his directions. Even if the movements he/she asks you to make feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to do so. Take a leap of faith and trust the cameraman to do the right thing.

10) Get good headshots. The headshots are essential parts of your portfolio and making the best of them is absolutely necessary to make an excellent first impression in front of the agency. Hire good photographers and ensure that the lighting in the area is good and take multiple headshots at different angles, experimenting with different shades and effects.

11) Pick some top models and study them. It’s a good practice to learn from the best in the business. Hence, look for some esteemed and well-renowned models on magazines, websites and advertisements and study their movements, and other miscellaneous aspects of their modelling that really set them apart from the rest of the members in the field. Regularly incorporate what you learn and have a notepad with the tips and tricks you accumulate through research and interviews. It wouldn’t hurt to try and talk to them to learn further about their exploits.

12) Keep yourself healthy. It’s important to look after your physical and mental health with the utmost care. Any lapses here could be very detrimental to your happiness and mental peace. In this age of Instagramming and a deluge of ‘perfect’ models posting pictures on social media, it can be demoralizing to juxtapose your photos and experiences with the successful ones. But, a lot of work goes into getting such near-perfect pictures and hence you mustn’t feel disappointed if you fail to make the mark sometimes. If someone besmirches your physical appearance, don’t take it to heart and feel dejected. Look to improve more or if that’s taking a toll on your body and mind, just ignore such comments and move on. Life is too short for toxicity.

13) Make sure that you are professional. It is important to reply to emails, voicemails and other forms of messages promptly, and any delays could make you seem unenthusiastic. In this industry, it is vital to maintain a decent reputation and not get into unneeded skirmishes with other people. Be patient, calm and reply to other models or agencies professionally. Always be punctual or if possible, reach the location 15-20 minutes earlier than what’s expected of you. Agencies always have other people to pick, and it’s you who is dependent on them, and not the other way round. So always be humble, modest and make sure to not allow success in any form to get into your head.

14) Network well. It’s obligatory to keep a well-updated and functioning social media presence. Keep uploading your pictures regularly and request feedback from your followers and friends.

15) Don’t let your self-confidence wither and falter. Modelling can be an unforgiving industry, but don’t let your self-esteem bear the brunt of your failures. It’s not impossible to succeed here, and with consistent hard work, you will surely reap the rewards.


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