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How to get a bigger chest

How to get a bigger chest

The chest muscles are some of the most crucial muscles if you want to build your physique. Many body-builders direct to much of their attention towards their biceps and abdomen and fail to take proper care of their chest muscles. They are indispensable even if you want to do some of the most basic tasks in a day like pushing a door open for you get in or applying shampoo on your hair when bathing in the shower. Therefore, the essentiality of exercises that target the chest with undeterred attention can’t be denied. They are, hence, essential to get a bigger chest. A well-designed program that’s appropriately curated to shape your chest muscles has to be implemented if you want to achieve your dreams of becoming an actor or a model by getting a bigger chest.

It’s imperative to know the components of the primary muscles in the chest region if you want to plan a proper exercise regimen. The two muscles mainly are the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. Together, they are commonly known as the pecs. Here, the pectoralis major is much larger when juxtaposed with the pectoralis minor and therefore it must be given greater attention. It spans throughout the upper chest and attaches itself to the shoulder and the breastbone. When looked at without any supporting context, it might seem to have a fan-like appearance. The minor muscle, on the other hand, looks small, thin and is triangular in shape. It’s placed just below the pectoralis major.

Home exercises that can be done by amateurs and professionals alike without equipment:

Generic pushup: This is one of the most popular bodyweight exercises known to man. It’s a brilliant introductory exercise for anyone who is testing the waters of fitness augmentation and bodybuilding. It’s also a fantastic training staple when you are considering any full-body or upper-body workout. It’s important to use a wide grip since this will ensure that the chest muscles are well worked out when compared to the conventional narrow grip technique. For many novices, the posture while performing the pushups can be a tricky thing to perfect in a short period of time, but it’s an indispensable aspect of bodybuilding. A poor posture can not only render all your exercises futile and ineffective, but it can also endanger your physical health by straining sensitive areas in your body and lead to excruciating pain from which it might even take months to recover. Therefore, before you attempt any of the following exercises, make sure that you perfect the posture for your exercise first. This is important for getting abigger chest.

Incline pushup: For many tyros, the generic pushup can be a herculean task at first. If you have little to no experience in such strenuous exercises, don’t start building castles in the air and expect to master them in the first attempt. It’s best to opt for some lighter versions of the exercise that you are trying to become consummate at. For pushups, the lighter version is obviously the incline pushup, which ensures that you don’t need to push too much of your bodyweight. It just utilizes some fundamental physics to enable you to work less by putting less pressure on your shoulders and abdomen. If you apply the same elementary concepts of physics, you can also deduce that the steeper the incline of your posture, the easier it will be to perform these exercises. So, just vary your form and posture and find what suits you best. This is important for getting a bigger chest.

Applying tension with time restrictions: When you slow down your movement and pay attention to your posture, you will be benefited with multifarious advantages in your muscle gains. In this ingenious exercise, all you have to do is push-down slowly, taking in deep breaths and also pushup equally slowly. When you so this, your muscles will be far more toned and will also be composed of greater mass. This is important for getting a bigger chest.

But not all exercises can be done within the comfortable confines of your home. Some require you to go outside to get better gains. Let’s look at some of the best outdoor exercises to get a bigger chest.

Many people have been led to believe that the flat bench press if the best exercise to bolster the chest muscles. Unfortunately, such misconceptions have only aggravated the already rampant misinformation that’s being spread about fitness routines. The best option to go outside to stress and build those chest muscles is the press-up, along with a few bodyweight moves to complement it. You can opt to resort to this once or twice a week, but you must also be particular about balancing this circuit with an equal amount of pulling work. Doing just this routine without the suitable complementing exercises will only emasculate you.

Diamond press-up:

First, get to the standard press-up position. Then get your hands to form a diamond by utilizing the thumbs and the fingers. Once, you have got to this position, all you have to do is lower your body and get those chest muscles straining and hardening. Once you feel you have got down to the best of your abilities, press back up. This is important for getting a bigger chest.

Pike press-up:

The posture that you need to maintain might be a bit daunting at first appearance, but once you get accustomed and acclimatized with the routines, you will ace it with flamboyance. Here, just move your hips with the right movements and form a V-shape with the hands placed on the floor. Once you have got to this position, ask your friend or a trainer to validate this form to make sure that you don’t cause inadvertent harm to your body by doing the exercise in an improper manner. Then, keep your hips high and lower your arms which in turn lowers your head down. This will apply the right amount of pressure on your chest muscles. Once you achieve this, push back up slowly. Do this 10-15 times in every circuit.


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