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Indoor cardio exercises to stay fit

Cardiovascular exercises are pretty useful for great health. They can be done either at home or outdoors. It can get your heart to pump blood much faster by ramping up your heart rate. This facilitates the delivery of oxygen throughout the body, which keeps the heart and the lungs sound and healthy. Regular cardio exercises can also ensure better sleep for you in addition to the reduction in the risk for chronic diseases. Due to the corona virus pandemic, many people have been confined inside their homes. Many of you might not have even hit the gym in months. But physical and mental health have to be in fine fettle. So, there are a few cardio recommendations for those cooped up within the confines of their homes.

  1. Burpees: They provide a wholesome cardio workout without eating too much of your time. You don’t any sophisticated equipment or other apparel to do this at home. To perform the burpee properly, all you have to do is switch between the plank position and jumping upwards into the air. Also, ensure that the hands are placed firmly on the ground and that your back is erect without any bending. In just 5-10 minutes you can shed more than 200 calories. So if you are frugal and thrifty with your time and still desire to extract maximum out of your workout, this is the best exercise that you can do. Initially, start slow and progress with care to avoid unnecessary injuries and complications.
  • Jumping jacks: Another cardio workout that is tailor-made for today’s world that has been plunged in a pandemic is the jumping jacks. Just like the burpees, a 10-minute jumping jacks session can burn calories that are somewhere in the vicinity of 100. Jumping jacks is also versatile and can be seamlessly incorporated into other circuit training which may entail some other exercises like jumping rope and squat jumps.
  • Squat jump: This is a great addition to your cardio routine and can be done exclusively or can be blended into your cardio circuit. As the name suggests, you initially begin with a squat and then exert your whole weight onto the ground. Then with the reaction force, propel yourself up and try to get as high as possible before arriving back in a squat. It’s a high-impact exercise and exerts a lot of pressure on your knees. So, be careful initially and don’t stress yourself too much if you are a beginner.
Indoor cardio exercises to stay fit
  • Stationary jogging: You don’t need to hit the treadmill or venture outside to avail the advantages of running. Just jogging in place can furnish you with a multitude of similar benefits. Of course, one might find himself bored if he runs in the same place for a long time. So, it’s sometimes recommended to just mix it up and incorporate stationary jogging with other exercises that have been mentioned above.


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