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Side effects and dangers of weight loss pills

Side effects and dangers of weight loss pills

Losing weight is one of the coveted goals for any enthusiastic actor or model. Getting in shape is a very fundamental need, and the industry will scourge them mercilessly if they fail to meet the expectations. There are many side effects and dangers of weight loss pills. So, sometimes the tyros in the industry, in a bid to accelerate their loss of weight, opt for drugs and medications endangering their health. It is highly recommended to check the types of medicines you plan to use and their side effects before procuring any of them. All this depends highly on the type of drug one consumes and the mechanism behind the working of the drugs. Some drugs stimulate the mind and body, and phentermine(Adipex-P) is a potent example of such a drug. But just like any other stimulants, this too comes with its own share of side-effects. These drugs can precipitate insomnia, high blood pressure, drug abuse and other miscellaneous withdrawal symptoms too. They can make you restless and jittery due to the hazardous effects on the nervous system. Some weight-loss drugs focus on reducing the fat absorbing capacity of the body. One of them is orlistat. While the reduction in fat absorption and help shape the body in a better way by hastening the shedding of fat, such drugs just add credence to the popular phrase ‘too good to be true’.

These end up causing oily spotting, soft stools and also gas. Some other drugs for weight loss can radically alter the neurotransmitters in the brain leading to the loss of appetite. Some popular drugs come with this nasty baggage of side effects, and some examples are bupropion, naltrexone, and lorcaserin. As retribution for unnaturally speeding up the weight-loss process, the user is sometimes scourged with headache, vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, nausea and dizziness. These can cause irreversible damages to the person’s damage, and he/she may become a slave to such addictive pills even after experiencing such devastating, debilitating symptoms.

It’s of course highly suggested to solicit the advice of a well-trained and experienced doctor before trying out any drugs or pills. Usually, stimulant type medications like diethylpropion and phentermine are recommended only for short term use(up to 14 weeks in most cases), and any further use is precluded at all costs. This is because stimulating drugs can have addictive effects on the user leading to over-dependence and serial abuse. But the exceptional case is reserved to orlistat, also known as Alli. This is typically considered safe for long-term use and can even be employed to maintain your previous weight. There are other side effects and dangers of weight loss pills.

There are other malicious aspects of the weight-loss industry as exemplified by a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In this study, 127 prominent dietary supplements were scrutinized and examined. Some shocking inferences were obtained from these studies. More than one-fifth of the drug manufacturers were found to have made misleading and illegal claims on the labels mentioning that their goods healed and treated illnesses. Instead of pushing the user to their convalescence period, they were led to a path of self-destruction and abuse. So, it’s important to be prudent when trying to draw inferences from anything you read on the descriptions of dietary supplements.

Other maleficent, malevolent aspects of these drugs involve the methodology that’s applied to make you lose weight. This is another one among the side effects and dangers of weight loss pills. Most drugs constitute a mixture of caffeine and some other diuretics. What the confluence of these ingredients tries to achieve is water loss. So, instead of instigating your body into losing the excess fat, the body is tricked into losing water.  When you go and stand on the scale, you will obviously be greeted with a much lower number but don’t be deceived by that. That’s not the real, genuine fat loss that you desire from the bottom of your heart. It’s just an indication of the amount of water that you have lost since you procured diet pills. This is another addition to the already exhaustive list of the desecrating effects of these pills. You will be severely dehydrated due to the sudden, drastic decrease in the most vital fluid in your body-water.

There have been some extreme cases where the governments have clamped down on some perilous drugs in the market. This is a direct consequence of the side effects and dangers of weight loss pills. One of them is Ephedra which was widely marketed as a constituent in diet supplements. Ephedra was actually a Chinese herbal stimulant whose use could radically accelerate the risks of heart attack and stroke. In 2004, such adverse effects were detected in most of its users, and it was banned in the same year. Later in 2005, the judiciary became a little lenient, and a lower court relaxed the restrictions to a small extent, stating that Ephedra could be used in small doses. But in 2006, the federal appeals court revoked the relaxations by repealing the 2005 judgement and restored the FDA’s initial ban, citing Ephedra’s hazards. They also mentioned that the perils transgressed the acceptable limits.

But eventually, to sustain any form of weight loss, a strict diet regimen and an exercise schedule have to be incorporated into your lifestyle. Knee-jerk reactions like taking diet pills can yield dividends for a short period, but such benefits don’t last long.

It’s essential to remember that losing weight is like running a marathon and requires a long-term commitment, perseverance and unshakeable mettle. Taking diet pills will only maintain the facade that you have built to feign your weight-loss. You won’t be presented with the bitter reality of not paying proper attention to your incessant junk food intake, inadequate and irregular physical activities, and other non-nourishing pursuits. Weight-loss pills don’t offer a permanent, long-standing solution to your predicaments, and once you stop taking them, you will invariably revert back to your old habits. Always be wary of the side effects and dangers of weight loss pills. Also, there is no reason to even take them when we consider the pitfalls of their consumption. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins which will rejuvenate your mind and body. Regular exercise has been proven to be effective even in combating mental health problems like anxiety and depression.


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